JannyBB - Dream from my childhood

In the spring of 1979, I was born in a southern village of China.

When I was a little girl, I loved painting. But my family couldn’t afford the cost for me to study painting. So I started to use crayons to draw something on the wall. As a consequence, I was punished badly by my mother.

My major in college is Foreign trade English. After graduation from university, I started to work in sales of exporting garments. I started to set foot in my favorite designing and painting field. Thanks to my love for garments design, I have a sharp observation of fashion trends.

JannyBaby is the ID for all my internet accounts. I love this name, Janny is a nickname from my customers.

In 2004, I married Leine and then we lived in a small apartment in Nanjing of China. On 3rd Oct 2006, a real jannybaby, my daughter Tina came into my life. She is a gift from God, a real angel.

Dream into reality

In order to give our daughter a better life, with the help of my husband, I established a small store on TAOBAO which specialized in kids garments selling, the ID was Jannybaby520 too. From then on, I started to use my spare time to design the garments for my baby and to purchase some garments from the factory for selling to other mums. I always work overtime until 3:00 am on the second day.

In December 2011, under the investment of my husband, I had my own garments company, named NANJING BOVOTO INTERNATIONAL TRADE LIMITED COMPANY. I applied for the license of importing & exporting, and established a small boutique garments factory. My company majors in kids garments production and exporting. We have business relationships with customers from more than 15 countries and serve lots of famous brands overseas. Our market lies in South America.

At the end of 2013, my company started to set foot in the selling American kids boutique garments. I began to draw sketches and make handmade embroidery by myself. Make samples, take photos, and list our items on the Alibaba website. During 3 years, we get a high reputation in the American and Canadian boutique market. Employee quantity is more than before. Our features and advantages are fashionable design ability, fast response, good communication.

My family has moved to a bigger house. My daughter is 15 years old. She is very slim and tall to be our model.

I appreciate all the support from every boutique owner. Your “Amazing!!!” is what keeps me insisting till now. I am also grateful that you witness the growth of me, my family, and my company.

Now, I registered the JannyBB brand in America. I want to bring JannyBB into the childhood of every American kid.

This is me Jane, the mum of JannyBB.

Contact Us

  • Room 706, Building J, Zendai Himalaya Commercial Center, Nanjing, China 210000